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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. Why can’t all fabrics be used as slings?

    This is due to the actual make up of a fabric. Wovens and blends make great sling fabrics due to the strength of the weave. Acrylics and Sunbrella fabrics are intended for cushions where there is not the stress that is found in sling furniture.

  2. Can I purchase furniture directly from your company?

    Winston only allows distribution of our product through the specialty dealer retail channel.

  3. I have a warranty issue and the Winston dealer that I purchased from is no longer in business. What should I do?

    Contact another Winston dealer in your area and ask them if they would help you with this.

  4. If I place an order for Winston Furniture, how soon can I expect to get it?

    Ask a Winston dealer for this information. They can contact us to find out what the lead time for orders are as they can vary at different times of the year.

  5. I would like to use a fabric that is from another manufacturer and not a Winston fabric. Can I do this?

    Contact a Winston dealer and they will determine if the fabric you want to use meets Winston’s standards and requirements.

  6. I want to add to my Winston furniture that I bought previously but do not see this in your current catalog. How can I find out if this style or fabric is still available to purchase?

    Contact a Winston dealer in your area to determine this.

  7. My Winston furniture was damaged in a wind storm, tree fell on it etc... I need a quote to replace this for my insurance company. How can I obtain this?

    Take your original receipt if you have it to a Winston dealer and they can help provide this for you.

  8. My cushions or slings have mildew on them. What should I do?

    Mildew forms on dirt and not on fabric. You should clean your cushions or slings to remove this.

  9. I do not know the name of my collection and I do not have a receipt that shows any model numbers.

    Take several pictures of your furniture to show to your dealer so that it can be properly identified.

  10. How do I get warranty service?

    Contact a Winston dealer.

  11. Do I need to protect my Winston Furniture in the Winter?

    Yes, any metal, wood, composite product needs to be protected from winter conditions. It is best to bring your furniture indoors. If that isn’t possible, protect the furniture an outside furniture cover.

  12. What part of my Winston furniture can rust?

    There isn’t one. Winston Furniture is completely rust proof.

  13. Does my table top come with a plug?

    Yes, all alternative tops are shipped with a plug in consideration that an umbrella may not be used. If lost, a replacement is available from your Winston Dealer.

  14. What does cast aluminum mean?

    Cast aluminum is a manufacturing process that allows for additional design and style with the aluminum. The aluminum is actually melted and poured into molds to create the design. Anything that can be drawn can be manufactured in cast aluminum. The end result is truly beautiful furniture.

  15. What is virgin vinyl strap?

    This is vinyl that has no fillers, just pure vinyl. This assures that the strap will stay soft and ply able through many years of use.

  16. Can I still order my old style of furniture?

    Contact a Winston dealer to see if the items are still available.

  17. How long do you keep frame colors and fabrics in your line?

    As a fashion company we do our best to stay on top of current trends so what was once popular may not be current in our line.

  18. How long should it take my Winston cushions to dry?

    Many factors effect drying time. Air temperature, humidity and how wet they are. Usually they will dry in less than 24 hours. Hanging them or taking them off the furniture frames and allowing gravity to help pull the moisture out will allow them to dry faster.

Questions About Replacement Parts

  1. Does Winston offer replacements slings?

    Yes, you can purchase through your local dealer. Be sure to have your sling measurements and a photo of the furniture you want a replacement for.

  2. Where can I get replacement slings or cushions for my Winston Furniture?

    Contact a Winston dealer, who will help you determine what you need to order and can show you current fabrics selections to choose from. If you have your original receipt showing the date you purchased and the model number, please give this information to the Winston dealer. Photos will also be helpful if you do not have your original receipt.

  3. Where can I get replacement parts for my Winston Furniture?

    Contact a Winston dealer for help ordering parts. Depending on the age of your furniture, parts may not be available. A Winston dealer can help determine this for you.

  4. Does Winston maintain an inventory of slings and cushions that fit my furniture?

    Winston does not keep an inventory of ready-made cushions or slings. Slings and cushions are made to order from the current Winston fabric selection.

  5. My Winston furniture is 15 years old; can I get replacements for it?

    A Winston dealer will have a complete list of replacements that are available for many retired collections.

  6. How do I determine what slings (cushions) to order?

    A Winston dealer can help determine this. Measurements of the actual piece to be replaced would be helpful as would a photo of the furniture.

  7. Which fabrics are available for replacement slings (cushions)?

    A Winston dealer can identify the available sling fabrics.

  8. How do I install replacement slings?

    Winston has replacement instructions that can be obtained from a local Winston dealer.

  9. Can I order replacement feet or glides for my furniture?

    Yes, Winston carries replacement glides. You will need the provide model number of the chair to confirm that we have them in stock.

  10. Can I replace the spring plates on my Winston swivel rockers?

    Yes, spring plates are available, and easily replaced. A Winston dealer can provide more information on this process.

  11. Can my slings be replaced?

    Yes, most Winston sling chairs built in the last 20 years can have the slings replaced at a very reasonable cost. This affords the owner to create a brand new look on their patio, deck, or pool.

  12. Why can't I order old parts?

    We do our best to keep old parts but can only stock a certain amount of parts and most have to be current.

  13. Up to what prior date of production from past years can you provide replacement slings and cushion styles?

    Consult with a Winston dealer. Winston will determine on a case by case basis if these can be manufactured and provide their respective cost as well.