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Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Before you head outdoors with a full arsenal of heavy-duty solvents and chemicals let's just relax for a moment, put down the pressure washer, and see what the experts suggest when it comes to cleaning your patio furniture.

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A Perfect Fall Treat

As temperatures fall, the weather is just right to enjoy the classic and beloved confection known as the S’more: jumbo marshmallows roasted over a flame, topped with a square of Hershey's chocolate, and squished to gooey goodness between two plain graham crackers. Beyond the classic recipe there are even s’more possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect dessert for a cozy evening enjoyed outside.

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Harvesting End of Summer Herbs

The end of summer marks the end of the growth season for several herbs. Here are a few ideas for utilizing your herb harvest now and preserving the fresh flavor and healthful benefits for months to come.

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